Nae bad from an ad

Blue is the colour this week – and no, we’re not nailing our colours to the party political mast. Welcome to advertising matters – Scots Edition.

Last night in Central Hall, Edinburgh, a merry band of advertising types raised a glass to new IPA Scotland Chair James Pais, toasted #ScotCreativity… but best of all, welcomed the arrival of Scotland’s very own edition of Advertising Pays.

OK, so no prizes for imaginative titles, but Advertising Pays Scotland: How advertising fuels the Scottish economy (just the latest in the standout Credos series) has come up with the goods when it comes to ad-land’s value to the economy at large. Thanks to the number crunchers at the “leading independent economic consultancy in Scotland”, we now know that the £1.7 billion spent on advertising in Alba in 2015 gave an £8.8 billion bump to Scotland’s economy, thanks to ad spend’s wide-reaching effects on price competition and innovation and its huge impact on the creative and digital economy.

With a £1 to £5 return to the economy and over 42,000 Scottish jobs supported by our sector, we’ve now got the goods to march advertising’s case into the corridors of Holyrood. In fact, SNP Chief Whip Bill Kidd is already at it – his motion, tabled in Holyrood yesterday, put Ad Pays front and centre with MSPs, with high-profile parliamentarians including Convener of the Culture Committee Joan McAlpine, quickly signing up. It didn’t escape the attention of the Herald or the Scotsman either, who both headlined the findings this morning.

The charge has been led by outgoing IPA Scotland Chairman and Front Foot Scotland Chair, Brian Coane, who celebrated the news that “advertising is key to Scotland” by putting his agency, Leith, to work on a campaign set to take over IRL and URL in OOH, print and social spaces (check out The Drum for a sneak peak, or take a look below).

Lang may yer lum reek, Brian. But with the likes of Lieth, Diageo, Heineken, MediaCom, Maxus and STV all on-board, the future’s looking decidedly un-dreich. And for a look at the stats, facts and ads, get yourself along to – and then give Lauren a call to become a card-carrying member of Front Foot Scotland.

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