Sure. 2016 wasn’t always humanity’s proudest. But advertising’s roles, rights and responsibilities needed promoting and given the circumstances, things could have gone a whole lot worse.

We bid farewell to Tim Lefroy, consummate advocate of the AA’s three Rs for the past seven years. Despite a chocka departure diary, he found time to pen parting words to you in Campaign and Management Today this week. And we welcomed new CEO Stephen Woodford who, in his first public engagement at the Tate Switch House, pledged to build on those foundations and take the AA and advertising further, wider and deeper in the coming years.

Stephen’s first challenge? Brexit and its impact on UK advertising, as the fallout from the referendum takes shape. We’ve heard your concerns and are gathering advertising’s ask of government before negotiations get heavy the far side of Christmas. Wanna get involved? LEAD 2017 is where we’ll next be collecting thoughts, egged on by big names from industry, politics and beyond. Get it in your diary. Better still, get a ticket from Kate.

In a year where obesity hype turned almost to hysteria, the latest numbers dropped this week – showing little change since the turn of the century. The Government’s plan of action may have disappointed many – but CAP has laid down the law and by July, new rules will mean no HFSS ads in all children’s media.

AA Council broke ground on data with best practice principles laid down and a responsible approach to minding other people’s business. All that before new EU regulations come into force in May 2018.

As we write, an AA contingent is heading back down from Edinburgh – yep, we’ve expanded. They’ve been showing MSPs the latest Credos research and Media Smart materials on children’s body image and boys’ confidence, which we launched in Westminster this summer.

All that and so much more. Whether it was making the case for ad-land exports, a £20billion barrier broken, bigging up those do-gooding ads or answering the big questions – it’s been some year. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. So enjoy the holidays all, you’ve earned ‘em – and there’s plenty to get stuck into next year.