Promises, promises

Family anecdotes, barbed insults, word salad… Last night’s ITV leaders’ debate had it all – except for, obviously, the Prime Minister and her main challenger Jeremy Corbyn. So as we inch closer to June 8, we look to the party manifestos for answers on what the future holds in store for ad-land.

Labour is sticking to its pledge to restrict HFSS advertising, with a possible 9pm watershed thrown in for good measure. They’ve found allies in the Lib Dems on the topic, with  both pledges rather at odds with the parties’ professed support for the Creative Industries.

Ad bans and watersheds look like easy wins come election time, but with little to no effect on children’s health, bans merely serve to undercut crucial funding for our media and creative industries. Brighter signs from the incumbents though, as the Tories promise better, not more, regulation.

But those migration targets are clearly popular with our ex-Home Sec, who’s pledging to get numbers down to the “tens of thousands”, putting a dent in adland’s plans to remain a global talent hub. And with the backdrop of the ICO’s investigation into data usage in the EU referendum, we get headline pledges from the Tories and Lib Dems to overhaul data protection laws… just after the EU GDPR is adopted in May next year.

But there’s plenty to smile about with promises across the board to fund regional growth clusters, invest in the Creative Industries and remove barriers for small businesses – in the meantime, we’ll wait for the news come June 8.

In Bruges

…or rather in Brussels, the European institutions wait patiently for June’s election to be over and done with so we can dive right into Brexit negotiations – where they’ve been prepping for a skirmish.

But the UK Rep across the Channel is holding the line, making it clear they’re gunning for as much market access as possible to protect our top spot as a Creative Industries global hub. To drive home adland’s asks around Brexit, Policy Manager Kate Foster carted the results of Credos’ Brexit survey all the way to Belgium, highlighting advertising’s potential to drive growth in new markets once we leave.

Until we do, we’re rolling out a full Europe programme for the rest of 2017. First up is a Director’s lunch with the European associations to meet Marju Lauristin, the lead MEP on the Parliament’s work on the e-Privacy Regulation – the follow up to the GDPR in the works since last year. Get to grips with the ins and outs of the regulation at our next Data and e-Privacy working group. Let Kate know you’ll be there.

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