Best laid plans

Before GE2017 was even a glint in the PM’s eye, adland was busy gathering evidence for the Government’s post-Brexit Industrial Strategy. This week, growth figures for the first three months of 2017 fell short of expectations. And while narrowing polls suggest June’s outcome is anyone’s game, whatever happens we’re banking on an Industrial Strategy to shake UK plc out of the doldrums… and laying the groundwork while the electioneering continues.

First up, our Regional group got cracking today on how to persuade more UK SMEs into advertising, chaired by RadioCentre’s LEAD alumnus Siobhan Kenny.

And next Tuesday, our Global Hub group convenes under the worldly eye of IPA Chief Paul Bainsfair, to figure out how the UK stays top dog in media and ad services on the global stage.

It’s all part of our grand plan to put UK advertising on the front foot, as Government shapes UK plc after Brexit. Keen to get involved? Give Sue a shout.


Across the channel, the European Commission’s proposal to update AVMS trundles on, but as MEPs gave the go-ahead for formal talks on the draft directive, a cohort of European health NGOs threw a spanner in the works, with a letter to Council Ministers on Monday, slamming alarming rates of obesity and teen drinking across the continent.

They’re calling for a watershed on “health-harmful products”, and a ban on product placement and sponsorship for HFSS and alcohol brands. The “well-established” fact that advertising causes changes in consumption, and self-regulation doesn’t work, isn’t much of an argument when binge-drinking in the self-regulated UK has been steadily declining, while CAP’s 2014 review found no significant causal relationship between ads and obesity.

In the face of that underwhelming evidence, trilogues between the Euro institutions start this summer in the hope of adopting a revised directive before the end of the year. Talks are behind closed doors, but we’ll have our ears open – catch up with Kate if you’re hungry for more.

Chewing the fat

Talking of all things health related… If you don’t follow the obesity debate, this little tweet from LEAD alum Chris Snowdon tells you pretty much everything there is to know.

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