Up and at ‘em

Adland arrived on News UK’s 17th floor at the crack of dawn for a Front Foot Breakfast this morning, as we revealed the AA’s jam-packed programme to members and friends. But before CEO Stephen gave the run-down, LEAD  alumni Steve Richards took to the floor to explain just what Theresa May was/is thinking ahead of the GE2017.

Steve’s predictions ranged from a relatively comfortable Tory victory in June, with the Industrial Strategy a highlight of Ms May’s manifesto, to a possible second Independence Referendum and further Sturgeon-May face-offs in the months and years to come. A Conservative win was also backed by scourge-of-the-bookies, KPMG’s Mark Essex, who’s put his money where his mouth is on a Leave vote and has done the same for a 100+ Tory majority.  Alongside Mark on our expert panel were Mindshare’s Helen McRae – waving an Aussie passport and warning not to ignore the skilled talent already in the UK – and the Evening Standard’s James Ashton, who wondered how much more might be expected of our SME sector, as the UK searches for growth in post-Brexit Britain.

LBC’s Maajid Nawaz was in the chair, wrapping up a session that covered the French Presidentials, the future of the Lib Dems and wither another Scottish Referendum.  Way ahead of you – we’re already expanding advertising’s influence up North, and if you want to get involved with that – or the many projects we’ve lined up this year, just get in touch

Drinking buddies

It was a red card from the Institute for Social Marketing for alcohol marketers this week, as an ISM report published on Thursday “found” 100 alcohol brand references per televised match in the UK, France and Ireland during the Euros last year.

In a flat-back-four formation with the ISM were the Institute of Alcohol Studies – whose Director, Katherine Brown, went in studs first with the claim that there’s “strong evidence” linking alcohol advertising to under-age drinking. Our view?  Both French government and WHO evidence shows that underage and binge drinking has increased notably under French alcohol advertising laws, yet in the UK, where tough self-regulation and education are preferred, the figures are at an all-time low. Referee?

In fact, the IAS were all over the pitch this week – notably popping up in the Spectator, which dug into the relationship between Public Health England and temperance campaigners and found it might be a bit too close for comfort. Fair game, or foul play?

Scotty 2 Hotty

The IPA reception next month will celebrate the latest in the Advertising Pays series – Ad Pays Scotland!  We’re heading up to Edinburgh’s Central Hall on Thursday 11th of May for a centenary celebration of Scottish advertising and to spread the good word about advertising’s economic value.

It kicks off at 6.30pm with drinks and canapes before Scotland’s finest DJs keep us ceilidh-ing till the small hours – drop Lauren a line if you feel like getting down, up North.

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