Scotland ad spend

“Whatever lies in Scotland’s future, we need to be competitive at home and abroad – and advertising is at the heart of effective competition. This report shows how advertising is part of our economic infrastructure – helping all companies reach customers, create return on investment and grow. As we look to build a strong, sustainable economy we need to encourage businesses to access the power of great communications.” 

– Brian Coane, former Chairman of IPA Scotland

In 2015, Scotland spent £1.7 billion on advertising – but the total contribution of that spend to the Scottish economy is valued at £8.8 billion, thanks to the far-reaching economic impact of advertising activities in Scotland.

Advertising Pays Scotland quantifies and explains advertising’s positive impact on Scotland, and finds that:

  • For every £1 spent on advertising in Scotland, £5 is returned to GDP
  • The £1.7bn spent in 2015 resulted in an £8.8bn total contribution, equating to 5.6% of the entire Scottish economy
  • These revenues support 42,000 jobs and the Creative Industries in Scotland

The full report is available to download below. You can find the rest in our Advertising Pays series here.

And for a set of shareable slides to tell the whole Advertising Pays story, click here.


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