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Talent Sits At The Heart Of UK Advertising’s Exporting Prowess

/ March 18th 2020
Exports and International Trade

The new figures published this week for UK advertising exports by the Advertising Association make for very attractive reading and represent a continued progression for our industry when viewed from around the world.  The latest figures prove, once again, that our industry remains well regarded and highly valued. The growth trajectory is significant and as business faces new challenges and demands in the face of Covid-19, the requirement for authentic market-leading capabilities and services will increase.

At 360xec, we look at the global geography of exports through the lens of talent and executive search – the variety of assignment briefs from around the world gives testament to this. Our experience is that demand for globally competitive talent across all roles is growing from developing markets including APAC, but also increasingly LATAM and MENA.

Meanwhile, the US and much of Europe already has an evident capability in key roles and positions including CMO’s and CFO’s. Instead, it is the creation of new roles in these territories that is very much on the up. Roles such as Data Officers and In-Housing Leads.

The UK advertising industry has a strong reputation when it comes to talent and leadership candidates for two critical reasons. Firstly, the UK remains a location of high density for the leading talent across marketing and advertising disciples that can travel or relocate. Secondly, we are well placed to judge the finest talent with the bar set as high as it is. Much of the time when dealing with assignments abroad, the shortlist of candidates may not include those from the UK, but the ability to judge and select from a global talent pool remains paramount.

We see this through approaches from client companies as far flung as Argentina and China. Sure, there are a great many talented Executive Search operations logistically based more locally than London, but positive reputation and proven ability to deliver travels far.

The UK is a natural sounding board for envisaging future change because we are at the vanguard of that dynamic change – technology and data-led automation are increasingly influencing roles and structures within companies. As such, our industry’s talented leadership executives are being sought for employment, contract or advisory roles around the world.

There’s no doubt businesses will be irrevocably changed by the impact of Covid-19. Structures, financials, working patterns, global travel, use of communication technology will change… all these and more will require review. It will be leaders and leadership from the UK that will help businesses emerge stronger.

We have a big role to play in this respect and an even greater responsibility on the global stage. Our goal at 360xec is to support this by identifying the very best talent across all disciplines and bringing circumstances together that allow them to perform to their full capabilities.

Now, more than ever, we will need our leaders to be at their very best.

Steve Hyde, CEO & Global Talent lead at 360xec Executive Search Ltd.



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