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Testimonials from Brixton Finishing School’s 2019 graduates

/ April 23rd 2020
Inclusion New Talent


Looking back on everything that I experienced over 10 weeks on the course, I feel so grateful to have been selected to take part. The Brixton finishing school gave me an amazing mentor that supported me when I was applying for jobs, contacts in the industry that are willing to advise me as I start my journey and the course has been a massive part of my personal development. I’ve met some lovely people that my experience on the course wouldn’t be the same without and felt truly inspired and encouraged by the sponsors supporting the school.




Before starting the BFS course I didn’t have a clue about the roles on offer in the advertising industry. It felt like a ‘secret society’ that was open to only a select few. But, the insightful immersion days at BFS taught me so much, whether it be about the roles or what it takes to succeed in this growing industry.






My time at Brixton Finishing School began with a tentative step into the unknown; what if. I was a freelance writer and graphic designer going into the course, so I knew I had skill. What I didn’t know was that I also had people in my corner, whom I’d never even met. The beauty of BFS is that there is no “typical student” – the creatives come in all shapes and sizes and from every imaginable walk in life, brought together by Ally Owen’s single-minded proposition. “What if Diversity wasn’t a PR buzzword in ad agencies, but instead, the natural progression in the evolution of advertising.” I went into BFS with a four-year-old laptop and a lot of righteous indignation, and I came out with a full scholarship to SCA 2.0 


Brixton Finishing School is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to realise their creative potential. The program is intense and through it, you form life-lasting relationships and grow through the practical creative application. You’re given a foot in the door of world-shaping companies, in an industry that’s sadly not unwelcoming, but uninviting, to most. This is also why BFS is an opportunity like no other for the creative industries too, as it gives the participants and the partner companies of the scheme a chance to change the industry for the better. There truly is nothing like this for the creative industries and everything Brixton Finishing School does is designed to live their ethos – disrupt the industry. 


A very interesting and valuable experience. I learned a lot about both what it’s like to work for a range of agencies through immersion days and on a range of career options, there are in advertising. This gave me a good grounding in the basics. It really made me think more about what I want to take out from my future workplace, and I liked how from the guest talks and workshops, it enabled me to become bolder and more confident with my skills and personality. 

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