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How Voice and TV will come of age after COVID-19 and the role emerging tech will play in rebuilding brands

/ June 10th 2020
Exports and International Trade

FX Digital Co-Founder Matthew Duhig took to the Createch virtual stage at CogX2020 to offer his vision of a post-COVID-19 landscape, where brands will leverage Voice and Connected TV technology to survive, thrive and grow.
Matt began by providing insight into how Voice and Connected TV works with a breakdown of the key channels across these technologies, from Alexa and Google Assistant, to OTT TV Applications.
In a period of serious uncertainty, everyone is trying to prepare for the “New Normal”. With digital technology taking the place of traditional advertising platforms, Matt looked ahead to a world where Connected Technologies will help facilitate a safer, more connected future.
By analysing the latest consumer data, Matt shed light on how consumer behaviour is changing and how the demand for consuming content from the living room should accelerate the popularity of technologies based in the home.
Brands are sat on a content gold-mine and Matt examined how brands can utilise new tech to maximise the potential of this content, by building for the burgeoning Voice and Connected TV Platforms.
Matt’s closing sentiments were that as the adoption rate of both technologies continues to increase, more brands will look to on-board. Currently there is a window of opportunity for those innovators looking to be on these platforms sooner than the rest.
As the owner of a Digital Agency, Matt brought first-hand experience of deploying emerging technologies rapidly to help businesses strengthen their brand and reach new customers, such as FX Digital’s work building an Alexa Voice Skill for international travel brand Contiki Holidays. The “Pack My Bags” Voice experience helps customers pack for their upcoming adventures. The Skill received the International Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for Best Travel Voice Experience and was nominated for two prestigious Webby Awards.

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